Johnny Rotten Got A Flea Bite On His Sex Pistol After Brush With Squirrel

Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon aka "Johnny Rotten" is nursing flea bites on his lower body — including his groin — after befriending some local squirrels.

"I looked down there this morning at my willy and there's a f---ing flea bite on it," he told the U.K.'s Daily Star. "And there's another one on the inside of my leg."

Lydon says the squirrels in question live around his Venice Beach home. At some point he began feeding them, and they thanked him recently by sharing their parasite problem with the punk rock icon.

"The bites, wow, last night was murder because of it. The itching too. It's such a poxy thing to get caught out on," Lydon added.

"The only way around it, because I'm not going to blame the poor little squirrels, is to Vaseline my legs."

The frontman clarified that he doesn't pet his rodent familiars, but they do occasionally nudge him to elicit a peanut.

In his latest book, I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right, Lydon explains that he's "determined to keep my squirrel friends independent, y'know. There's no petting. If they want to nudge up that's fine, but I know it's for a peanut and not because I'm lovely."

Photo: Getty Images