Couple who feared having same dad finally receive DNA results

Carly and Mercedes from Ontario, Canada, first made headlines when they announced on TikTok that there was a chance they could be related. There was a fear that since they had found out that their mother's had shared a night with the same man, that they might be half-sisters. As is becoming the "norm" these days, they took to social media to ask for guidance on whether they should have DNA tests to find out if they are in fact blood relatives.

On TIKTOK: "When u find out 2 years into dating that ur moms both slept with the same guy," they captioned a TikTok post. The couple also asked their followers: "Should we take a DNA test?"

They ended up taking the test and sending it off only to have to wait 5 weeks for the results.

In an interview with the Daily Star, the couple reveal that they are.....NOT related. Read more HERE and HERE

Person holding DNA swab in young woman's mouth, close up of mouth, studio shot

Photo: Getty Images

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