‘Sextortion’ cases against CEOs, celebs explode

Wealthy executives, sports stars, and Hollywood celebrities are increasingly turning to lawyers to help them battle “sextortion” plots in which young women with whom they’ve had sex blackmail them for tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for their silence.

“Typically it’s clear there’s been no wrongdoing [by the man with money]. “It’s a clear red flag when part of the extortion is the threat to go to law enforcement, but they say they’ve chosen not to,” says celebrity lawyer Blair Berk of the Los Angeles-based firm Tarlow & Berk, PC. 

Jeremy Saland, a former Manhattan prosecutor, told Insider that he recently represented a young New York-based CEO who recently met a woman on the “sugar-daddy” site Seeking Arrangements.

The CEO had spent some $40,000 showering the young woman, who assured him that she was of legal age when they met, with gifts.

After they broke up, however, she revealed that she was, in fact, under age and threatened to name the man on her social media accounts.

“I’m going to blow up you and your business,” she texted him.


Sexy woman in red bra lying in bed with US dollars in hands

Photo: Getty Images

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