Dog Saves Veteran’s Life

A dog in Texas is being praised for helping to save a veteran who had suffered a stroke. Every evening, Warren and Karen Harris walk their beloved nine-year-old rescue pup, Slick, through their Dallas neighborhood. Last week, as they circled the block and started to head home, Slick stopped and wouldn’t walk any further.

Warren just knew something was wrong. “He just stared and I said, ‘What is it Slick?,’” recalls Warren. “And he said, ‘There’s a problem here, dad.’” The couple wondered what might be causing the dog to stop in his tracks and looked up toward the house Slick stopped in front of. “I saw a man laying on the porch, gesturing toward us with a hand, trying to call out for help,” says Warren.

With the help of another neighbor, they called for an ambulance and the neighbor was taken to the hospital. It turns out the neighbor, who is a Vietnam veteran, had suffered a stroke and had spent all day crawling through the house and out the front door, but no one noticed him until Slick walked by. The neighbor is recovering in the hospital, but if Slick hadn’t come along, the outcome might have been tragic.

Source: WFAA

Soldier with military dog outdoors

Photo: Getty Images

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