Sleep Naked? Here's why it might be really GROSS!

Do You Sleep, Naked? Watch This And You May Change Your Mind.

Do you sleep in the BUFF? Well, a doctor on TikTok named Tony Youn would like you to know how DISGUSTING you are. And he says no one in their right mind should be sleeping next to you.

He says no one should sleep naked because of all the GAS we pass in our sleep . . . which usually contains a small amount of FECAL MATTER.

He says the average person breaks wind 15 to 25 times a day, and some of those biscuits happen in our sleep. So you end up lightly soiling your sheets each night, and it adds up. But clothing basically catches 100% of those particles. So as long as you're wearing underwear, your sheets should stay relatively clean.

(Here's the video. Warning: He says the word "sh*rt.")

On The Other Side…

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