Steve's Food News: Food: Mountain Dew Unveils New Flamin’ Hot Flavor

Mountain Dew Unveils New Flamin’ Hot Flavor

Like Mountain Dew? Like Flamin Hot Cheetos? Now you can have them at the same time with the new MTN Dew Flamin’ Hot soda. The company says it’s a combination of the signature Mountain Dew citrus flavor with the heat of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. It’s a limited-time offering and is coming exclusively to the Dew Store on August 31st.

And if you’re a REAL fan of Mountain Dew – or the MTN Dew Flamin’ Hot soda – you can also get some threads and other merch. Through a partnership with Broken Promises, there’s an apparel line inspired by the new drink. It includes hoodies, shirts, sweatpants, shorts and accessories. You can get a crack at it starting September 3rdat 11 pm ET via the Broken Promises website.

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KFC Japan Releases Recipes For Fried Chicken Ramen

KFC Japan has announced a series of “KFC arrangements” (we call them recipes here) for home chefs. Not surprisingly, they’re themed around the original KFC recipe. They include:

  • Chicken Ramen – using KFC fried chicken with chicken soup made from scratch
  • Okonomiyaki – A savory Japanese pancake
  • Spicy Chicken Fried Rice
  • Spanish Garlic Chicken

All of the recipes can be found at the KFC website HERE, but unfortunately, you’ll need to translate the recipes from Japanese into English (and because we love you, you can find the translated page HERE).

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Bottle of Mountain Dew drink on ice isolated on white

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