Steve's Food News: Cheetos Is Selling a New "Nashville Hot" Flavor

Cheetos Is Selling a New "Nashville Hot" Flavor

Nashville-style hot chicken sandwiches have gotten really popular in the last few years. Now the experts on spicy SNACK foods are getting in on it. Nashville Hot CHEETOS has arrived, and the reviews we've seen say they're pretty good.

People who've tried them say they capture the flavor of a hot chicken sandwich well. The bag has Chester Cheetah in a cowboy hat, with a microphone in one hand, and a piece of chicken in the other. So they're definitely chicken-flavored.

It's not clear if they're spicier than Flamin' Hot Cheetos. But one person said they're VERY hot, and it's a different kind of spicy. You don't feel it at first, and then it builds. You can get them at Circle K and Dollar General for a limited time.

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Krispy Kreme Offers Every Vaccinated American 2 Free Doughnuts Any Time, Every Day From Aug. 30 To Sept. 5, 2021

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Today is National Banana Split Day!   

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Starbucks Introduces New Apple Crisp Macchiato

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The Wienermobile Is Picking Up Random Lyft Users in Four Cities This Week

I hope someone heading to a really fancy event gets this. Imagine pulling up to the red carpet in a giant HOT DOG.

Lyft is partnering with Oscar Mayer, and picking people up in the WIENERMOBILE this week. But it's only happening in four cities, and you have to get lucky.

They're doing it in New York, L.A., Chicago, and Atlanta. And the people who get it are selected at random, so it's not something you can reserve.

Anyone who orders a Lyft XL between now and Friday could get the Wienermobile. So instead of a big SUV or minivan, they'll get picked up in a 27-foot hot dog.

Their ride will also be free. And they'll get a bunch of Oscar Mayer swag, including t-shirts and "Weenie Whistles." 

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It Happened: Applebee's Oreo Shake Is Back, Thanks to Country Song

Remind me to name-check a famous restaurant chain next time I write a hit country song. Applebee's is all-in on the WALKER HAYES"Fancy Like" bandwagon.

They launched an ad campaign featuring a series of"Fancy Like"commercials. Walker and his daughter Lela are in them, but it's mostly clips of random people who posted their own"Fancy Like"dance videos on TikTok.

And, Applebee's also brought back the Oreo Cookie Shake . . . for only $2.99! 

Obviously, Walker is having a blast with this. Quote, "I've seen all the commercials, and I'm blown away. I love how [they're] a continuation of what the song and dance look like on TikTok, and it makes me smile all around."

And how is his daughter handling the newfound fame? Quote, "She has a new shirt that says 'TikTok Famous' on it. It's her favorite shirt in the house right now."

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