Steve's Three Things: Guy Attacks a Couple with Flip-Flops for Having Sex

Looking somewhat intoxicated, a man and woman were having sex on a crowded beach in Poland last Friday . . . until bystanders came along to stop them. One woman squirted water on the couple, another guy started tapping the man on the back. 

The funniest part happened after they separated. An angry dude came over and started smacking the guy with his flip-flops. The dude didn't fight back, he just stumbled away without putting any pants on. 


A Guy's Family Size Box of Frosted Flakes Was Actually Full of Heroin

Sugary cereal isn't the healthiest breakfast. But it's a lot better for you than this . . .

A 31-year-old guy named Justin Butchino recently got pulled over in western Massachusetts for a janky license plate.

It was a temporary plate with such bad handwriting, they couldn't make out the numbers. It turned out the car wasn't registered, and his license was also expired.

But that's the least of his worries. Because while he was being arrested, they found drugs in his pocket. So they searched his car . . . and found a family-size box of Frosted Flakes that was FULL of drugs.

There was one big bag of cocaine inside . . . and over 3,000 tiny bags of heroin that he was obviously planning to sell. They also found a purse packed with even more drugs.

A guy in the passenger seat also got arrested. They're both facing drug trafficking charges. 

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(Here's a photo of the drugs.)

Florida man shoots himself while showing off gun in bar...

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