WET PAINT 1-21-18

Oh boy! It's playlist time! We're loaded up and ready to go for Sunday night-check the playlist and see! 

Hackens Boys-Silver Spoon

The Working Effective-It Kills Me

Wicked Trouble-Simple Beast

Relentless-Just What You Do

Nettie Ledbetter & The GoodSpeed-Mountain Morning

Dan Yell Sun-Coalesce

Roger Austin-Love You Anyway

Redsky Research-Sinking In

The Living Red-Worth This

Burning Dirty-Ms February

Skyward-Last Parade

Keep that new music coming in! You got it? I want it! 

mp3's to:


CD's to:

98 Rock's Wet Paint 

207 University Blvd 

Harrisonburg, Va 22801

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