WET PAINT 1-7-18

Welcome back, Painters! It's a brand new Year! I realize you knew that already, but it seems kind of obligatory to point it out.  Now that we've got that out of the way...let's talk local music! Being as it's a new year, we'll kick off our 2018 with some new music! Thanks to The Sons of Liberty for their latest submission, we'll check that out Sunday night, plus lots more of your Wet Paint favorites. Now, if you've got some new music to help up ring in 2018 right, why not send it along? I'm even putting my contact info first this time.

mp3's to danjoyce@iheartmedia.com

CD's to 

98 Rock's Wet Paint

207 University Blvd

Harrisonburg, Va 22801

Now, let's take a look at that playlist!

The Anti-Tribe-Keep Movin' 


Annabeth McNamara-Hey There

Hackens Boys-Wreck Your World

Atomic Love Machine-Broken

The Sons of Liberty-Need You <----NEW!!!!!!

The Subtlers-Hop To Poppa

Relentless-Just What You Do

GypsyTown-Do Somethin'

Shagwuf-Fight Like A Girl

Crab Action-That's How I Use Gasoline

That's our show for Sunday. See you then! -dan

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