WET PAINT 12-17-17

We are coming to the end of the year very rapidly, but there's still time for another show or two! And this Sunday is no exception! We're loaded up and ready to go with another hour of great local music-take a look and see! 

The Sons of Liberty-Take Me Home With You

Shagwuf-Fight Like A Girl

Polychrome-Save Me


Crab Action-Atom Age Vampires

Ghost of April-Medicate

Tom, Hanks-Whiskey Bottle

Brent Funkhouser-Things Are Looking Up

Radio Kid-You're Alone

The Reliefs-Burnhouse Hollow

Helgamite-Shaman's Veil

And there it is! I'm pretty sure we're doing a show next week-stay tuned to the Facebook page and I'll for sure let you know. At this point, I'm planning on it, and even have some local Christmas music to spin for you. If you've got anything for what will probably be the last show of the year, now would be a pretty good time to get it in. 

mp3's to danjoyce@iheartmedia.com

CD's to 

98 Rock's Wet Paint

207 University Blvd

Harrisonburg, Va 22801

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