WET PAINT 12-3-17

Okay, I got a little behind this week. But I didn't forget! We've got a great hour of music lined up for Sunday night with 2, count'em, TWO brand new songs! Big thanks to Radio Kid and The Sons Of Liberty for sending their latest along. Let's look at that playlist! 

The New Outliers-Fall Down

Skyward-The Floor

GypsyTown-Long Overdue

Slow Creek-If Only

Bwendon-Something Right

Radio Kid-You're Alone <---NEW!!!!

The Sons Of Liberty-Take Me Home With You <-----NEW!!!!

Together S*O*U*L - 4 Wheels Rollin'

NoNoClay-Turn It Out

The Anti-Tribe-Keep Movin' 

Atlas Concept-Primitive Nuances 

That's a pretty solid line up for Sunday. Looking to crack the list next Sunday night with something new? Hit me up with your latest

mp3's to: danjoyce@iheartmedia.com

CD's to:

98 Rock's Wet Paint

207 University Blvd

 Harrisonburg, Va 22801

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