WET PAINT 11-12-17

Oh, it's a good week for Wet Paint! We've got two brand new tunes to spin for you this Sunday night. Another solid submission from The Sons of Liberty, aaaaaaand, a brand new tune from The Jim O'Ferrell Band, aka-The J.O.B.! You know how I feel about getting new music in. So we're loaded up and ready to go-let's check out the playlist! 

Nettie Ledbetter &The GoodSpeed-Mama's Kitchen

Hard Limit-Waterfall

Out On The Weekend-Instant Ramen Blues

Shagwuf-.22 Blues

Buck Gooter-Eat My Isolation

The J.O.B.-The Journey <---NEW!!!!

The Sons of Liberty-Ain't Over Yet <---NEW!!!!

Skyward-The Floor

Dan Yell Sun-Coalesce

The Subtlers-Left Hand Right Hand

GypsyTown-Long Overdue

And that's our show! Now, I know you've got new music waiting to be sent in. What are you waiting for? It's okay to send these little gifts out before Christmas. Really. It is! And, if anyone has recorded any Christmas tunes, you can send those in too, no reason we can't rock the season, right? No matter what you've got, get it to me. Here's how:

mp3's to danjoyce@iheartmedia.com

CD's to 

98 Rock's Wet Paint

207 University Blvd

Harrisonburg, Va 22801

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