MMS Presents The Little Mermaid Jr.

Montevideo Middle School

This year's musical is The Little Mermaid, Jr., an absolute classic with a cast of over 50 amazing youth in the cast and crew! The show is just such an amazing celebration of talent from the entire cast and really celebrates the nostalgia of the original while embracing the fun that middle schoolers can bring.

We hope that you'll join us for our wonderful production, just 1 month from now!

Tickets are ON SALE NOW to the public! Visit to reserve your seats. Oh, and please share this news with our community. It's too good not to enjoy with as many in our audiences as possible, singing along with your favorite songs.

Let our show become Part of Your World as we journey Under the Sea as Prince Eric attempts to Kiss the Girl. Meanwhile, Ariel collects her Gadgets and Gizmos as she fights to gain acceptance from her father and live a life, wonderin' free, out of the sea, finding her true love and becoming Human Again. You'll be humming along to the entire show and we welcome it!

Thanks for your undying support of the Performing Arts in Harrisonburg and beyond!