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Steve's Food News: 6 New Blizzards Are On Dairy Queen’s Fall Menu

6 New Blizzards Are On Dairy Queen’s Fall Menu

Dairy Queen has just revealed its fall Blizzard menu with 6 new Blizzards – three new flavors and three returning flavors. Here are the three new entries:

  • Cinnamon Roll Centers Blizzard – vanilla soft serve blended with cinnamon roll pieces with a sprinkling of brown butter topping.
  • Reese’s Take 5 Blizzard – vanilla soft serve, peanuts, pretzels, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a caramel topping.
  • Snickers Brownie Blizzard – vanilla soft serve, Snickers and brownie pieces with a caramel topping.

The three returning flavors include:

  • Pumpkin Pie Blizzard – vanilla soft serve with pumpkin pie pieces and a whipped topping with nutmeg sprinkles.
  • Oreo Hot Cocoa Blizzard – vanilla soft serve, Oreo cookie pieces and cocoa fudge with a whipped topping.
  • Very Cherry Chip Blizzard – vanilla soft serve with chocolate and cherry chunks.

The Blizzards for fall are limited-time items and they arrive with the debut of Dairy Queen’s throw pillow collection that is available in two sets of three pillows that are inspired by DQ’s Fall Blizzard Treat menu.

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New @DairyQueen flavors are finally here!
— Eat This, Not That! (@EatThisNotThat) August 31, 2022

There's apparently a debate on social media on whether Lemon Lime Gatorade is yellow or green. 

 (Here's one debate from the Tennessee Volunteers.)

What do ya’ll think? 🟡 or 🟢🤔 #gbo
♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Today is World Coconut Day. So if you ever wanted to give coconut sparkling water a second chance . . . today could be the day.

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World Coconut Day – September 2

Someone on BuzzFeed did a BLIND PICKLE TASTE TEST on kosher dills. 

The top two were Claussen and Boar's Head . . . and the bottom two were McClure's and Vlasic.  

  (FYI: The "kosher" in the name really just means there's garlic in the brine, which was the traditional way of making them.)

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Pickles Are As Popular As Ever, So I Taste-Tested All The Fan-Favorite Pickle Brands (And There Was A Very Clear Winner)
— La Petite Cuisine (@LaPetiteCuisin2) September 1, 2022

Someone shared a video claiming that a DoorDash driver ate their food and replaced it with a note apologizing for it. 

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Cmon Now Door Dash Man🤦🏿‍♂️🤬 #fy #fyp #doordash #wingstop #howdidthishappen
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Dairy Queen restaurant storefront in Houston, TX.

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