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Steve's Dumb Crook News: Man arrested on honeymoon soliciting prostitute

A Man Was Arrested After Trying to Call a Prostitute . . . While on His Honeymoon



A honeymoon is a great opportunity to relax and enjoy anything your heart desires . . . WITH the person you married. But of ALL THINGS, this is something you'd never expect . . .



A 34-year-old man in Florida named Paul Turovsky was arrested . . . on his honeymoon . . . after he answered an ad for a PROSTITUTE.



He left his new bride sleeping in their hotel room . . . and went out to meet a prostitute he'd connected with online at a hotel.



But instead, he was caught up in a STING OPERATION by local police to crackdown on sex trafficking. He was cuffed and taken to the station. In all, 176 men were arrested in the sting operation.



The sheriff joked, "The only question here was . . . as a wedding guest . . . was it too late to get the gifts that they gave returned back to them?"



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A Drunk Driver Tried to Convince a Cop She's Sober . . . By Doing Ballet?



It's probably NOT a good idea to perform a dance routine during a sobriety test . . . unless you're specifically asked to.



A 38-year-old woman in Florida named Amy Harrington was arrested back in April after she rear-ended another vehicle. The cops say she smelled of alcohol, but she refused a breathalyzer. So, they had her do a field sobriety test.



Police footage of the arrest was just released, and in the video, Amy struggles to walk in a straight line . . . but then tries to impress the cops by performing a dance routine, including some drunken pirouettes.



One of the officers asked her to stick to the instructions, and she said, "Oh my God! You sound like my [effing] ballet coach."  (???) She also called the whole thing "ridiculous," and said she should just be allowed to go home.



She was cuffed and charged with DUI. This wasn't her first. She was also arrested after refusing a breathalyzer three years ago. 

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Young criminal standing in handcuffs

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