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Mother Lets Friend Breast Feed Her Baby So She Can Get Drunk

A surprising young mom shares something surprising with her bestie is raising some eyebrows on TikTok.

The clip from user Some Pulp grace reveals that she lets her friend breastfeed her baby and it’s sparked a debate about the practice.

Grace’s video, captioned, “When you’re a few drinks in so you let your friend nurse your baby,” has racked up nearly a million views since it was posted on Sunday. She doesn’t offer any other information in it, prompting one viewer to comment, “I don’t get it, why is your friend breastfeeding your baby? You can have a drink and feed at the same time.”

The mama explains in a follow-up video, where she explains that her friend has a seven-month-old baby who was out of state for the weekend. “I let her nurse him to strengthen his immune system and also to relieve her,” she writes. “It is absolutely okay to drink and nurse, if you’re feeling sober enough to drive you can nurse.” Grace also adds that she trusts her friend to breastfeed her baby because she breastfeeds her own. But TikTok users are divided on how they feel about it:

  • “Nope my baby is more important than drinks,” shares one user.
  • “Would never want anyone else to feed my baby,” another writes. “Guess I‘m a jealous mom.”
  • And a supportive TikToker comments, “When they say it takes a village … this is what they mean.”
  • But the American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t encourage informally sharing breast milk because of the risk of spreading disease, as well as potentially exposing babies to medications, alcohol, drugs or other contaminants. AAP researchers note that women should only use formula or donor milk that comes from a certified milk bank to supplement their own milk.

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