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Celebrate! Its Mac and Cheese Day!

It's National Mac and Cheese Day!

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National Mac and Cheese Day – July 14

For National French Fry Day yesterday, Google looked at the most-searched types of fries in all 50 states. In most, it's sweet potato fries.  

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After Hard Mountain Dew launched this year, it looks like Pepsi might be gearing up for more boozy sodas.  

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Are These the Most "Craveable" Fast-Food Burgers?



I guess Harold and Kumar were onto something. White Castle might not have the BEST burgers in the world, but maybe the most "craveable."



A company that tracks consumer habits went through their stats to find the most craveable fast-food burgers. Here are the top ten . . .



1. White Castle burgers. They're steamed, not grilled.


2. Krystal. They serve mini burgers too. Most of their stores are in the South.


3. Burger King. Believe it or not, McDonald's did NOT make the top ten.


4. Whataburger.


5. Smashburger.


6. In-N-Out.


7. Carl's Jr.


8. Red Robin.


9. Shake Shack.


10. Five Guys. 

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An Ice Cream Called "Chocolate to Die For" Got Recalled Because It Could Kill People




In a world full of lies and exaggerations, it's always refreshing to see a little truth in advertising . . .



An ice cream brand based in Kansas City called Belfonte just issued a recall for a flavor called "Chocolate to Die For" . . . because it could actually KILL people.



They complained after someone realized the packaging failed to mention it contains PEANUTS.



For anyone with allergies, it could be deadly. So the FDA posted an alert about it on their website yesterday.



All the cartons were sold at stores in Missouri and around Tulsa, Oklahoma.



The company says they haven't had any reports of people getting sick or having a reaction. But anyone who bought the ice cream can return it for a full refund.  

 (Here's a photo.)

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Macaroni and Cheese with Breadcrumbs

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