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Watch: Sea Lions Chase Folks From The Beach

A perfect beach day in San Diego, California was not in the cards for humans at one beach.

A viral video shows weekend beachgoers getting chased by sea lions at San Diego's La Jolla Cove. The sea creatures wanted the stretch of sand for their pups to play on, so humans were booted.

The video has already been viewed more than seven-million times since it was posted Saturday. But local marine life experts say the sea lions appear to be chasing each other, competing for mating rights during this pupping season.

The City of San Diego has signs posted at the cove, warning people to stay away from the sea lions and their pups. Harassing marine mammals is against the law.

These sea lions made my day yesterday #california
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Source: KTLA

Close-Up Of Sea Lion With Mouth Open In Zoo

Photo: Getty Images

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