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Going camping? The Top 10 Places To Go Camping In The U.S

While some people like to vacation in the city, and other at the beach, there are plenty of people who like to pack up their tents and spend their summer days off camping. And while most states have somewhere folks can enjoy a night of camping, there are places around the country that offer a really amazing camping experience, and now a new list reveals where those are. 

  • The camping app The Dryt has just come out with their 2022 Best Places to Camp: Top 10 in the U.S. list.
  • The list is based on reviews and ratings from the app’s campers, with the Top 10 being described as “idyllic, peaceful and the epitome of the great outdoors.”
  • Locations in the top 10 share a proximity to natural wonders, including mountain ranges, glaciers, lakes, oceans and more.
  • Topping the list is Sierra Vista, New Mexico, which is located on public land and is free of charge.
  • It also gets high marks for its stunning views, and proximity to Las Cruces. 

Top 10 Best Places to Camp in the U.S.

  1. Sierra Vista, NM
  2. Many Glacier Campground, MT
  3. "The Wall" in Buffalo Gap National Grasslands, SD
  4. Alabama Hills Recreation Area, CA
  5. Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, MN
  6. White Star Campground, CO
  7. Fort De Soto Campground, FL
  8. Kalaloch Campground, WA
  9. Letchworth State Park, NY
  10. Coconino National Forest Road 525, AZ

Click here for details on each camping site.

Source: The Dyrt

Camping in a RV

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