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Florida couple arrested after demanding ransom for lost dog's return

A South Florida couple have been arrested for stealing a lost French Bulldog and holding it for ransom in exchange for the dog's safe return.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, 33-year-old Reinier Fuentes and 26-year-old Lilianne Dominguez stole the dog after it managed to escape from a Marathon home in June.

After posting flyers on social media and around the neighborhood, the dog's owner received text massages and phone calls from Fuentes and Dominguez stating they had the dog and wanted $1,000 for its safe return.

The dog's owner and the suspects agreed to meet in Miami for the exchange on June 26th, before the suspects changed their minds and texted the victim that they wanted to keep the dog instead.

The dog's owner responded, offering to pay whatever price the suspects demanded.

Fuentes and Dominguez agreed to the initial $1,000 demand, while threatening the owner that she would never see the dog again if she didn't meet at the Dadeland Mall.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office notified Miami-Dade Police, who tracked the suspects to the mall and arrested them.

Fuentes and Dominguez were charged with grand theft, dealing in stolen property, and use of a two-way communication device to facilitate a felony.

The dog was returned to its owner unharmed.

French Bulldog Puppy

Photo: Getty Images

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