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Sheriff asks people to stop having sex at park.

The local sheriff in Greenville County, SC has taken to their FB page to encourage locals to STOP(!) having sex in the local park. From their FB Page:

On behalf of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Hobart Lewis wants to share some concerning but essential information with the community regarding illegal sexual activity consistently occurring on the property of Pelham Mill Park, located at 2770 E. Phillips Rd., in Greer.

The Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints over the years regarding people meeting up for sex in the parking lot, in the woods, and out in the open. Our agency has conducted extra patrols, canvassed the area, and piloted several undercover operations throughout the years. While we have made some arrests, the problem has persisted. As a result, innocent bystanders, including children, have unfortunately witnessed this activity.

As put by Sheriff Hobart Lewis, “Under no circumstance should a young child or community member who is trying to enjoy a peaceful day at a park have to be exposed to this sort of activity. We are continuing our efforts to patrol the area and to identify those who are blatantly exposing themselves and engaging in illegal sexual activity, but we also need the community’s help with reporting this suspicious behavior. More importantly, I want to speak to the people who are committing these acts and simply let them know, that we are familiar with the apps you use to engage in this activity, we know your intentions, and to STOP. There are appropriate places to engage in adult activities, and a public place is not that area. We must think about others when we act, and I ask the community to be considerate of one another and especially our youth.”

If anyone in the community witnesses such activity, they are encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 864-271-5210.


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