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Would You Want To Live To 150?

So if, say you are like me and north of 50, you might start thinking about how many years left you have on mother earth. As my parents and siblings have aged, I have given it some thought. Usually over a drink of some sort and have come to wonder what living to say 150 will be like, if its possible.

Well, there's a new study that says scientists are developing ideas about how the human body can stay alive past the current given ceiling of about 120. Few people make it to this ripe old age and their quality of life might not be "all that" towards the end but what does that say about the next 30 years? I'm not sure - nor am I sure I want to find out :)

Researchers at GERO.AI concluded the “absolute limit” of the human lifespan to be between 100 and 150 – they came to this conclusion by analyzing 70,000 participants up to age 85 based on their ability to fight disease, risk of heart conditions and cognitive impairment.

The Conversation reported that not a single participant showed the biological resiliency to live to 150 – but notes the study is limited by today’s medical standards.

Will improvements in medicine, environment and technology to drastically lengthen the average lifespan and make 150 a reality?

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Source: NYPOST

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