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RHSPCA: Perfectly Imperfect Portraits

The folks at the RHSPCA are always coming up with great fundraising ideas. Here's another fun one

Name: Perfectly Imperfect Portraits

Duration: 3/1/22 - 3/31/22


The Rockingham Harrisonburg SPCA

2170 Old Furnace Rd. 

Harrisonburg, VA 22802



Throughout March, donate $15 (or more) on the RHSPCA's website and they'll draw a portrait of your pet. The catch? They are MUCH better at caring for animals than they are at drawing them!

They have a list of staff & volunteers eagerly waiting to try and turn your pet into art (or at least make you laugh). You may get one of their really great artists, but let’s be honest… you’ll most likely get someone who can't draw to save their life.

The RHSPCA serves 2,600+ animals every year and they rely on donations to make their work possible. Visit their website at to commission a portrait today (results will vary).

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