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They Share A Bed With A 'Poltergeist' - It Likes To Watch TV

A couple claims to be haunted by a ghost who sleeps in their bed and watches television with them.

According to Michael Lee, who spoke to the Liverpool Echo, the uncanny event began with footsteps creeping towards them across the bed. He claims that the spirit has become more at ease and now sleeps across the bed from him, his husband, Blake Lee, and their cat Maggie in Southport, Merseyside.

The pair believes the presence is that of a dog and is convinced that it has no intention of harming them. They believe that their cat attempts to avoid it whenever possible, lending credence to their notion that the apparition is a dog.

Mr. Lee stated: "I thought the cat had come on the bed to wake us up for food at five o'clock in the morning, but the cat was nowhere to be found. It was like slow-moving footprints on the bed, then lay on my foot.”

Mr. Lee added, "It's strewn on the floor. When this dog comes over, you can see the dip in the bed where it is laying because I have a fluffy blanket on the bed that is flat. It's pretty heavy, far too heavy for a cat.”

Mr. Lee continued: "It doesn't frighten me because I know what it could be and what it couldn't be. It will not hurt you in any way. It's a poltergeist, although ghosts don't seem to cause any harm.”

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