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Dumb Crook News: Naked Florida Woman Destroys Restaurant, Then Tazed!

VIDEO…Naked Florida Woman Destroys Restaurant, Then Tased!

Florida? Check.

Tasers? Check.

Hey man, nice shot. Check.

Happy work week!

Warning Video Contains Nudity Watch Video HERE

Drake Bell from "Drake & Josh" Was Charged with Attempted Child Endangerment  

DRAKE BELL from" Drake & Josh" was arrested in Ohio last week on two charges . . . "attempted child endangerment" . . . and "disseminating matter harmful to juveniles". 

He allegedly had an inappropriate interaction with a 15-year-old girl at his Cleveland concert back in 2017. And also sent her inappropriate social media messages for months leading up to the concert.

Drake pleaded not guilty and was released on a $2,500 bond. Now he has to go to court later this month over Zoom for a pre-trial hearing.

His lawyer said, quote, "All facts will be revealed in a courtroom."

(Weird Drake fact: Lately he's been releasing music in Spanish under the name Drake Campana . . . )

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A guy in New York who just got out of prison last year for robbing a bank in 2017 was arrested on Saturday . . . after robbing three banks in 48 hours. 

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