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GOFundME page set up for downtown Staunton After The Flood

From the Staunton GOFUNDME page:

The City of Staunton and specifically our beloved Downtown was ravaged last night by heavy rains and severe flooding. 

We NEED YOUR HELP getting our small businesses that we do dearly love back together. We know that business insurance will help many of these business owners, but often times those payments can take time. 

Will you join us supporting those we love so dearly and the ones that make Staunton the place to we love to live and work? 

Any amount help and all proceeds will be given to the businesses affected by this natural disaster. We will be going around Staunton to understand damage and needs. If you are a small business owner, please reach out so we can add you to the list of businesses participating. 

If you own an affected businesses, please fill out this form so we can add you to the list

To contribute to the GOFUNDME HERE

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