Knicks Fan Gets Zion Logo Tattoo-Then The Pelicans Win The Draft Lottery

What a night for New York Knicks fans. The NBA Draft Lottery was held to see which team would be selecting first in the upcoming NBA Draft. Knicks fans were very confident that it would be their team, and that the Knicks would draft Duke standout Zion Williamson. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned, and the Knicks will be drafting 3rd, behind the Memphis Grizzlies, and Draft Lottery winners, the New Orleans Pelicans. This poor fan jumped the gun a bit, and got a tattoo on her ankle that looks like the Knicks logo, but with "ZION" written where the word "Knicks" would be. Hopefully she can find a new design to cover it up.

(Photo Credit: Twitter/@MasterTes)

In this clip, Knicks fans find out that my Lakers are drafting 4th, and the're pretty pumped about that...right up until they hear that they'll be picking 3rd. Oh no!

And here's the New Orleans Pelicans ticket office celebrating their teams win at the Lottery. Their lives just got considerable easier. The tickets are pretty much going to sell themselves when the Pelicans draft Zion.

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