Johnny Football Released By Montreal, Barred by CFL

Johnny Football must have screwed up big time. Johnny Manziel, who was playing in the CFL to try to rehabilitate his bad image, has been released by the Montreal Alouettes, and barred from signing with any other team in the CFL. There were very specific terms that Johnny was supposed to live up to while playing in the CFL, and he has apparently not lived up to them. So, now he's a QB without a league. Again. There's a lot of speculation that he'll end up in the AAF or the XFL next year-but seriously, how many more chances is this guy gonna get? I'll be honest, I really wanted him to turn things around in Canada, and maybe get back to the NFL, but I don't think that's going to happen now. Read more on his dismissal from the CFL HERE

Maybe some more insight on Johnny's release here.

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