This Weekend In Sports Brawls

Tempers were flaring all weekend long in the sports world. In the NBA, the Rockets and Lakers had a major dust up with Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo going at it, after Rondo supposedly spit at Paul. The fans were into to it, including Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Keidis, who ended up getting ejected for dropping F bombs and throwing fingers at Paul as he was taken from the court. I've got it all for you here. 

After that, we're on to the Premier League during a tough match between Chelsea and Manchester United. United's coach Jose Mourinho didn't appreciate the Chelsea staff member running in front of him TWICE to celebrate a goal being scored and went after him. 

And this compilation wouldn't be complete without idiots at NFL games. A Texans fan and a Jags fan are arguing about something, when another Jags fan lands a cheap shot to the ear and knocks the Texans fan flat on his face. Then, the wife of the dude knocked out, goes after the guy who threw the cheap shot. Here's a tip, leave the hitting to the guys on the field at an NFL game. 

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