Why You Should Wake Up At 4:30AM Every Day

If you've ever read any of Jocko Willink's stuff or watched him in any interviews, you know, he's a pretty intense dude. He wakes up every day at 4:30am to get started on the day. He even posts a daily picture of his wristwatch on twitter each day to prove it. (He's a great follow by the way. Lots of great stuff.) He thinks that you should be getting up at the same time every day too. He says that the discipline of doing the same things at the same time every day will give you more freedom. What, you're going to argue with a Navy SEAL?  Check out the video below as he explains...

Jocko's fellow SEAL Clint Emerson has a lot of great content too. Check out the two videos below, one revealing his training, and one promoting the benefits of cold showers. The training video is crazy. Some intense stuff going on there, and it's just the training! 

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