MMA Fighter Suffers Brutal Eye Injury

MMA fighter Jack Mason suffered one of the deepest, nastiest cuts I think I've ever seen in my life at Cage Warriors 93 over the weekend. Luckily for him, the referee recognized the severity of the injury almost immediately and stopped the fight before he suffered any more damage at the hands, and knees of Hakon Foss. Yes, he takes the L for the night, but I'd guess keeping everything that's supposed to be INSIDE your head inside is more of a long term win. Here's what I'm doing...if you get queasy seeing bad injuries, I'm loading the knee that he took first. You'll get an idea of the injury from that. If you want to see more, scroll down to see the video of the actual injury-and I'm telling you, it's disgusting. He's going to be okay, and even tweeted later that he needs to work on defending against knee strikes. HA! 

(Photo Credit: Twitter/@CageWarriors) 

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