2018 NFL Draft Drinking Game

It's time for the NFL Draft! This is the night football fans wait for, waiting to see if their favorite team is going to sign a star of the future, or, if you're a Browns fan, how their team is going to screw it up this year. Sorry Browns fans, but I'm looking at your teams track record, and history is on my side here. Anyway, besides seeing who's going to land where, you're going to hearing a lot of "experts" speaking in cliches', spouting off gobbledygook that, at the end of the day, means absolutely nothing. They're just saying words to say words. That's it. And, if you're going to sit through all of that, you might as well have a good time, right? Check out the 2018 NFL Draft Drinking Game! Phrases like "best player available" "war room" shots on camera, and fans booing their teams pick should have you passed out on the floor in no time. Check the full rules of the game HERE

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