Tigers Player Fouls Ball Off Home Plate And Into His Own Junk

This makes me cringe just looking at it. OUCH! Leonys Martin of the Detroit Tigers comes up to bat against the Pirates, and proceeds to foul the ball off of home plate and directly into his nuts. It happens so fast that there is absolutely no way he could have avoided taking the shot. Unbelievable. He ended up being okay, and apparently the Baseball Gods felt bad about doing him like that, and two pitches later he hit a home run. I'll bet that home run trot still hurt like Hell though. 

Also, let's talk about the fact that the Pittsburgh Pirates have one of the coolest stadiums in MLB, and apparently nobody in Pittsburgh wants to go to the games. Look at all of those empty seats! They can't ALL be at the concession stand grabbing some Iron City. 

(Photo Credit: Twitter/@cjzero) 

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