Vinnie Vincent Joins Gene Simmons at Nashville Appearance

Well, how about THAT?  Vinnie Vincent and Gene Simmons on stage together again. Vinnie joined Gene as Gene was out on the road promoting his "Simmons Vault" collection in Nashville. I think we've seen more of Vinnie in the last 6 months than we have in the last 20 years....for real. Vinnie seems to be very happy to be up stage with Gene, and it makes me wonder if they won't be collaborating sometime in the near future. Pure speculation on my part. But, and it's my big but...Gene and Paul have both worked with Ace Freheley in the last year or so, and Peter Criss has joined Gene at a "Simmons Vault" event or two. What if they got everyone who ever played in KISS in one place at one time for a show? I'd love that! 

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