How To Get Kicked Out Of The Masters

If you ever plan on going to The Masters at Augusta National, be ready to follow the rules. And they have lots of them, from no phones or cameras to not big bags or backpacks. There's a ton of other rules too! Basically, if you're going to The Masters, you can watch golf...and that's about it. On the other hand, it's the best golfers in the world, so it's not like you're getting ripped off. See the full list of things that can get you kicked out of The Masters HERE

One of the things that's not on the list, but will get you kicked out as well, is yelling "Dilly Dilly!" And let's face it, that's played SHOULD get kicked out for yelling that. Seriously.  Stop yelling "Dilly Dilly!" Check out THAT story HERE

And of course, the story of The Masters is that Tiger Woods is back. With 2 top 5 finishes in his last two tournaments, Tiger is seen as the odds on favorite to win the whole thing this year. Can you imagine that comeback??? If he's in the hunt at the end, The Masters is going to crush EVERYTHING in the ratings. 

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