Position: MIDDAY 10a-3p/Office Linebacker 

Height: Tall enough 

Weight: Welterweight 

Throws/Bats: Right 

Likes: Cheerleaders, Ones that are Cold, MMA, Swimming/biking/running-in that order, messin' with Texas, and watching "Burn Notice.

"Dislikes: Stuff that sucks, laziness, meat, dairy products, the word "deserve," and hearing people eat.

Family: I have two dogs, an old Coonhound named Wunjo, and an American Dingo named Ivan....my Dingo will steal your baby. (really, he will.) I also have two cats, Maizey-AKA-"The Maize" and Stryper. Get used to the names, I talk about them ALOT.  What's my problem? What's YOUR problem?!

Bonus Round: Hit me up with your questions about me, and I'll answer them as much as I am legally allowed too.

Here's my deal: I've been living in the Valley for some time now, and love it. If you need to find me, I'm either here, walking my dogs or running or riding my bike somewhere in Staunton or Augusta County. That's pretty much what I do. I listen to EVERYTHING-I hate to miss out on stuff. I'm pretty amped to get a shot at working on the Mighty 98 Rock-I think you and me, we gonna get along just fine!