Wanna Feel Old? The Sub in "Hunt For Red October" just retired

posted by Steve Knupp -

http://mysterymovienight.libsyn.com/episode-20-die-hard-1988-the-hunt-for-red-october-1990-and-ai-artificial-intelligence-2001 On the latest Mystery Movie Night, Dave, David, Erik (he's back!), and I are joined by my good buddy Evan Hanson to talk robots, Russians, and Roy Rogers. Is AI a misunderstood work of genius or a big giant mess? Who's the best Jack Ryan? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? We figure it all out. #mysterymovienight #mysterymovienightpodcast #moviepodcast #moviereview #stevenspielberg #artificialintelligence #huntforredoctober #diehard

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