Welll Hey There!  C'mon in, browse a while!  Loading up the music for Sunday night, we've got a good one coming your way.  New music from Atlas Concept this week, as they're getting ready for an EP release party at Blue Nile on the 10th.  

Here's the Playlist:

SP511- Ain't No Fire

Opus 99-Worthless

Ghost of April-The Monster Within

Hateful Bones-You're On Your Own

Courting Harlots-Naked

Atlas Concept-Primitive Nuances <----NEW!!!!!

Wicked Trouble-Imaginary

Sad Machines-The Lines

Hackens Boys-Outlaw Rhythm

Karl Kruger-Throw Down the Hammer

Dan Yell Sun-Motorbike

Beyond the Throne-Embrace for Impact