Ooooh, it's time for another show!  The Shakin' Schedule was released this week, and we've got 3 of "our" bands playing!  Hells to the yeah!  I've got them lined up, plus NEW Hackens Boys!!!!  Check it out:


Blue Morning-Under City Lights

All Numb-Fallin DOwn

The Judy Chops-I Will Never Leave (Shakin'-June 27th)

SoCo-Know What I'm Sayin' (Shakin'-June 13th)

Hackens Boys-Outlaw Rhythm <---NEW!!! (Shakin' August 29th)

Within Our Gates-Seeking Sanity


Karl Krueger-Throwing Down the Hammer

Mewithoutyou-A Glass Can Only Spill

Kicking Thomas-Think Maybe

As of Tuesday-The New One