Lovin' it!  Another week, and we've got even MORE new music!  New song from the Jim O'Ferrell Band (The J.O.B.) and another new band to throw into the mix-put your hands together for Sad Machines!!!  So check out the playlist for Sunday, and, as always-Keep that new music coming! -dan

Ghost of April-Possession

The Seedz-Amber's Song

Sirens' Revenge-Firefly

Mercutio-Lena Rose

A Rally Cry-For A Taste of Blood

The J.O.B.-I Already Knew <-----NEW!!!!!

Sad Machines-Turn the Shoulder <-----NEW!!!!

SoCo-Know What I'm Sayin'

Wicked Trouble-Imaginary


Erin and the Wildfire-Weeds or Wishes