Things are finally starting to warm up!  Hopefully that means that after a looooonnnnngggg winter in the studio, we're going to be getting a mother load of new tunes from bands old and new!  Keep it coming!  This weeks newbie is from Wolfgang Nebula!  Let's check the playlist! 

Ghost of April-S.O.S. (Saint of Sin)

Chris Tarrance-Psycho Mama

Lessons in Centipede Dentistry-DERP

Opus 99-Worthless

Broken Pieces-Weapon

Wolfgang Nebula-Head Case

Dropzone-Sweet Aileen

Sirens' Revenge-Firefly

Erin and the Wildfire-Weeds or Wishes

Dan Yell Sun-Motorbike

A Rally Cry-For A Taste of Blood

The Ruckus- Doug