I ask, and I get-I LOVE that!  Two new tunes for you this week, one from Wolfgang Nebula, and new band Wicked Trouble checks in for the first time!  Welcome to the party! Also, I've seen the posts and posters for the Staunton Metal Fest on April 5th at Zabb's-so we'll check out some of the bands you'll hear there too.  Let's do this!

Beyond the Throne-Embrace for Impact (playing SMF)

Redsky Research-Sinking In (playing SMF)

Atlas Concept-Construct (playing SMF) 

Skyward-Last Parade

Ghost of April-The Monster Within

Wicked Trouble-Imaginary <-----NEW!!!!!

Wolfgang Nebula-Ferguson's Fix <-----NEW!!!!

The Ruckus-Dream Song

Property-Dark Seeker

The Judy Chops-I'd Rather Be Drinking Whiskey

Karl Kruger-Throw Down the Hammer

Courting Harlots-Less Than Dead