Okily dokily neighboreenos-I put a little show together for you.  Got some NEW stuff this weekend too!  A new song from The Seedz and a new band to welcome to the show, Sirens' Revenge!  Check out the playlist, and we'll see you back here Sunday night at 11p! 

SoCo-Back On the Ground

Rex Manning Day-13 Roses, Dead


Erin and the Wildfire-Weeds or Wishes

A Rally Cry-For a Taste of Blood

Sirens' Revenge-Someone Else <------NEW!!!!!

Ghost of April-The Monster Within

The Seedz-Amber's Song <----NEW!!!!

The Will to Survive-Racecar

Lovedrug-Happy Apple Poison

Courting Harlots-Naked

Atlas Concept-Construct