Here we go!  We've got 4-that's f-o-u-r brand spankin' new songs!  And even better than that, they're from bands that we've never had on the show before!!!!  Tune in and help us welcome to the family: The Seedz, Atlas Concept, Opus 99 and A Rally Cry!  

Here's the playlist! 

The Seedz-Hangin' With the Riff Raff <----NEW!!!

The J.O.B.-Messenger

The Ruckus-Dream Song

Within Our Gates-Seeking Sanity

Dan Yell Sun-Motorbike

Atlas Concept-Construct <------NEW!!!

Opus 99-Worthless <------NEW!!!

Gypsytown-Long Overdue

Madrone-THe House of Ghosts

Polychrome-Save Me

Redsky Research-Sinking In

A Rally Cry-For a Taste of Blood  <-----NEW!!!