Wow, what ever happened to this dude being the ultra-cool, ultra-collected rock god?

First, the scoop:

Paul Stanley of KISS is all riled up again, and railing against comments made by Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Foundation CEO Joel Peresman, who defended the Hall's plan to induct KISS' founding lineup exclusively, despite the group's request to induct other band members – including current guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer, who are wearing the signature makeup designs and costumes that were worn by original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

Peresman explained the decision process saying the Rock Hall felt that the later members are fine musicians who basically have the same makeup and are the same characters as those created by Frehley and Criss and also said that KISS is in a "unique situation where you have artists who wear makeup as part of what the band's about, but It's not like they created these other characters with different makeup and playing different songs. They took the persona of characters that were created by Ace and Peter."


Stanley wasted no time taking to Twitter and chirping about it, which seems to be his newest obsession, spitting up a comment that read, "There is no getting around the reality that the Hall of Fame's favoritism and preferential treatment towards artists they like goes as far as ASKING the Grateful Dead how many members THEY wanted the hall to induct and following their directive while also including a songwriter who was never in the actual band. Let's just accept the truth as it is and move on.", for Paul and his Twitter habits. I'll let his tweets stand alone and I'll offer no comment. That's your job, Gus.