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As Nirvana fans celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band's final studio album, Dave Grohl is looking back at his final days with frontman Kurt Cobain. 

In a new "Rolling Stone" interview, the drummer-turned-frontman of the Foo Fighters says one of his last conversations with the late rocker came after Cobain overdosed on pills and alcohol in Rome in March of 1994. 

Grohl says he called Cobain and told him that the incident "really scared everybody," and added that he didn't want him to die.  The bandmates ran into each other again back in Seattle and Grohl promised to give him a call later.  Soon after that, Cobain committed suicide. 

But Grohl says he doesn't want fans to focus on Cobain's death while listening to the new anniversary reissue of In Utero.  He says the album should be listened to as it was the day it came out. 

Grohl explains that the original intention of the album comes through when you hear it without thinking of Kurt dying, but he admits that isn't easy to do.  He says Cobain's death changed the album for him, and he doesn't like listening to it anymore. 

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